I’ve been quite pleased with what’s gone up on the site this week – two new DLC guides, one looking at the complex world of CMANO, and another one laying the foundations for your one stop shop for Field of Glory 2 Info. We also trialled a new article type where we recommended some further reading for fans of Rule the Waves, and I managed to get a sneak peak at Steel Division II.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

TOAW4 Gathers Steam

The promised day is upon us! Come October 15th… or November 1st, depending on whether you believe the news post or the Steam PageThe Operational Arts of War 4 will be released on Steam!

All you need to know about this game is that it’s very good, quite hardcore, but also infinitely flexible as its systems can handle scenarios from many different eras. With any luck the modding community will be able to take advantage of the workshop so that custom scenarios are given more spotlight.

New Strategic Command incoming!

Fury Software have announced they’re hard at work at a new Strategic Command game. After the modest success of Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe under Matrix, the dev team are returning to the global stage with Strategic Command WW2: World at War.

The last time they tackled the global was with an early SC game called Global Conflict, which was re-released last year after Matrix acquired the publishing license from Battlefront. It’s not the strongest of the older SC entries, although this is mainly down to how they scaled the game’s geography.

Given what we know about Matrix’s announcement/release cycle, there’s a small chance we could see this before the end of the year, although early 2019 is just as likely.

New Clad in Iron Game

Totem Games are working on a new entry in their Clad In Iron series, with their next outing covering the Russo-Japanese War of 19-04/05. Titled Clad in Iron: Sakhalin 1904, the game will cover a lot of the naval skirmishes that happened during this conflict, with the Battle of Sakhalin Island being the main event. More details will be posted on the GrogHead forums.

Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Delayed?

It’s hard to get concrete information on this one. The last official word is that it was supposed to have been released already, and the RealAndSimulatedWars chap on Twitter seems to have heard something, judging by this tweet. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything buy Battlefront is notorious for not being massively communicative in situations like these.

Enjoy your weekends, and let us know what you plan on doing!