Matrix Games have announced the next DLC pack for their rather excellent turn-based historical wargame, Field of Glory II.

The last DLC looked at armies from the first days of the Roman Empire right through to the fall of the Western Empire in the 5th Century. Age of Belisarius extends that timeline again, bringing in major polities from the late 5th Century through to 600AD.

In this time of upheaval, western Europe is collapsing under the weight of migratory tribes and new Germanic Kingdoms, while the Eastern Roman Empire makes its transformation into ‘Byzantium’, with a new cavalry-focused army that’s needed to deal with rising Sasanian Empire.

New features and content include:

  • Dismountable cavalry units
  • 10 new factions
  • 17 new units
  • 30 new army lists
  • 6 new Epic Battles
  • 37 new Quick Battles
  • Expanded Custom Battles module.
  • Expanded Sandbox Campaign module.
  • 4 new historically-based campaigns.

As usual, no concrete news on a release date but we can’t imagine its far off.