It’s Black Friday, which means you’re all either eating Turkey or spending lots of money on cheap things. Perhaps you’re buying a cheap Turkey to eat later. As for me, it’s technically my day off but I thought I’d pop by to do a short-and-sweet WW update.

We’ve had a pretty varied week on the website, but I’d especially like to highlight my report from the WW1-themed megagame I attended last weekend.

Battles for North Africa

The Wargame Design Studio have released a brand new wargame – Panzer Battles’ North Africa 1941.

You can read more about how this particular project went here (nearly three years in the making!) and pick it up for yourself here.

Strategic Command: World at War

Strategic Command: World at War is the next title in Fury Software’s Strategic Command series. Development is progressing “fast”, apparently, to the point where we may even get a release date announcement. I’m thinking a mid-January launch.

In the mean-time, enjoy these new screenshots that showcase the world map from various start positions across 1942 & 1943.

Black Friday Sales

No Black Friday update would be complete without point out the sales that are around. Matrix especially have brought their A game once again.

You can see a quick summary here, but essentially, you’re looking at discounts that can go as high as 67% or more across the whole catalogue. Better yet, this sale will last from now until January 13th, which means that it’ll coincide with the current Steam Autumn Sale AND the Winter sale.

Lock’n’Load Publishing are also having a sale, although theirs is mainly table-top orientated. You can save $30 on their Command Ops 2 DLC bundle, however.

If you want some general sales advice – the guide we put out during the Halloween sales event still holds true in terms of our recommendations, however you can safely buy Matrix games stuff now as it’s unlikely to be any cheaper until next year. Also, there are more war games running discounts now.

That’s all for this week – enjoy your weekends and normal service resumes on Monday.