ArmA 3, despite being five years old at this point, is still receiving a lot of love and attention from developer Bohemia Interactive. As part of the recent 1.86 update, the studio have included a brand new, PvP focused game mode called Warlords.

Before you start fretting – it’s not some kind of nod towards the Battle Royale nonsense. Instead it’s a mode inspired by the ‘Capture the Island’ mode from 2003’s Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crises. The new mode has existed for ArmA III for a while, but as a mod created by a dev in their spare time.

In the official version of Warlords, two teams (NATO and CSAT) are vying for control of the battlespace, with the objective being to knock out the opponent’s base. To do this, you need too capture control points on the map (Controlled by the neutral AAF faction) and form a contiguous line from your base to theirs before you can launch your assault.

Players’ who perform well will earn command points, and your team will also earn points for the various sectors you control. These points can be spent on boons for your team – new vehicles or weapon drops, additional AI reinforcements, or even things like ‘Fast Travel’.

While Warlords is intended to be a focused PvP offering, player’s can work together to fight against a wholly AI-controlled opponent. Furthermore, the whole thing can be done solo, with AI’s dominating both sides of the conflict with you making your own mark where you can.

Hopefully we’ll be able to send Ian in to give the mode a proper shakedown, and we’ll report back with further impressions as soon as we can.