It’s been a fairly low-key week here at Wargamer HQ. We started off with a deep-dive into the surprisingly deep warfare mechanics of Imperator: Rome, Paradox’s newest grand-strategy game. We also reviewed Strategic Command WW2: World at War.

Other than that, it’s mainly been about keeping up with news, like ARMA 3’s new Warlords mode. My shipment from GMT’s sale finally arrived, so I’ve been punching counters and glancing at rulebooks. If I’m lucky, I might start to contemplate running through a turn or two of Next War: Poland.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Steel Division 2 Pre-Order

Eugen’s sequel to their WW2 real-time tactical war game Steel Division is now available for pre-order. There are four different versions you can buy, and all of them come with beta access. The three more expensive editions (Commander Deluxe, General Deluxe and Total Conflict) get access to the full game 48-hours before it’s due to launch.

For a full breakdown on where you can pre-order and what all the different SKUs offer, head to the main website.

Is Combat Mission: Shockforce 2 Out Yet?

Yes, it is! You may have spotted our post on Wednesday regarding the rumours of a silent release. Turns out those rumours are true – Battlefront’s long anticipated sequel to their modern warfare WEGO tactical battle simulation is finally.

Both new buys and upgrade kits are now available, although we understand there’s some activation hoops you may need to jump through, so make sure you look up advice if you get stuck. We’re still trying to figure out who’d be best to give this a through test, so we’re not sure what the ETA will be on our own coverage.

Valor & Victory

We don’t usually promote YouTube channels like this, but in the case of The Wargaming Guy he happens to be showing off thirteen minutes of gameplay footage from Yobo Wargames’ digital adaptation of Valor & Victory.

You might remember us mentioning it earlier in the year. It seems to be coming along ok, but the game crashes around three times in TWG’s video and considering there’s no save you essentially see the same opening moves repeated. Still, something to look at, I guess!

That’s all for this week’s update – enjoy your weekends!