Matrix Games have a new game announcement for us: WarPlan is an “incredibly accurate” World War 2 simulation that aims to incorporate 50 years of learned experience through playing WW2-era board war games, although they don’t mention which ones.

Developed by newcomer Kraken Studios It looks like we’re getting another grand-strategy WW2 wargame that sites somewhere around Strategic Command and Hearts of Iron. They also claim to possess a flexible engine and huge database, so we could also be talking about a CMANO-but-WW2 experience (and with more user-friendly visuals).

We highly suggest you go to the product page, because there’s a lot of detail there already about what this game aims to deliver, as an example, here are the unit scales:

  • 70 different potential countries
  • Map scale 30 miles / 50km per hex using a Peter’s map scaling which better represents real distances
  • Land scale 15k – 60k men
  • Air scale 300-400 air craft
  • Naval scale 2 capital ships + support ships

And here are some details about the map:

  • Hex based map and movement.
  • 15 different types of terrains subdivided in to sizes with each different features including motorized and non-motorized movement, airfield capacity, and defensive bonuses.
  • 12 different resource types
  • 5 different strategic resources
  • Fog of War – detection levels determine information of units.
  • 5 different weather conditions

And there’s lots more: Solo vs. AI, Hotseat + PBEM multiplayer, an Editor… WarPlan must have been in development for quite some time as well, as it’s already ready for beta testing: you can sign up here.

I’d say that means we could be looking at a 2019 release, but smaller war game studios tend to struggle more at keeping to development deadlines, so ultimately we’ll have to wait and see.

More information as we get it!