Because of travel we’re not having our usual ‘Wargamer Weekly’ update this week (not much has gone on anyway), but there was one important bit of news we felt we should write up regardless. Order of Battle – the ‘Panzer Corps but with Logistics’ alternative contender to the Panzer General throne – has been quiet lately as the hype for Panzer Corps 2 mounts.

Not to be forgotten, Matrix has announced a new trilogy of DLCs for the series that focuses on everyone’s other favourite front – the Eastern Front.

Order of Battle: Red Star will be the first of three expansions that cover the entirety of the Soviet Union’s struggles during the WW2-period, from the perspective of the Red Army. This first outing will start off in 1938 with the border wars between the USSR and the Japanese Empire, before moving on to the invasion of Poland. Finally, the early stages of Barbarossa will play out with the action culminating in the Battle of Moscow in 1941. There are 13 scenarios in all, with new units and specialisations to boot.

Much like the German-focused ‘Weltkrieg’ trilogy, you’ll be able to transfer your core forces between the three expansions. It will be releasing direct via the Matrix Store, as well as on Steam, although the only release window we have is “this summer” which is, like, now?

We’ll bring you more information as we get it – if you want to sign up as a beta tester, you can do so here.