We haven’t heard much regarding Matrix Games excellent real-time tactical WW3 war game Armored Brigade since the Italy-Yugoslavia DLC pack launched earlier this year. It’s a cracking blend of classic modern warfare games and Close Combat, but it’s a devil to master.

It’s also a game that’s been running on a bit of a shoe-string – after spending a good decade or so of its life as a cult classic freeware title, it was picked up by Matrix in 2018 and given a make-over with new art assets and a more robust ‘shell’, but if one wants to be critical you could definitely say it’s a lean game; improving itself in bits and pieces as it goes. The first step on that journey was the free update that accompanied its first DLC, which introduced an early draft of a ‘Campaign’ Generator. Step two is to now provide a more user-friendly Mission Editor.

To its credit, Armored Brigade does have a very robust Battle Generator, and those battles can be easily saved and shared – what you can’t really do though is easily access those mission files to make more precise edits – not in a way that’s intuitive anyway. The official blog post outlines a few ways it could be done, but now the dev team hope to scrap all that and provide a ‘legit’ way of editing your missions.

Like the Campaign Generator, this initial Mission Editor will only be the first version of the tool, with further updates and improvements to come. For example editing Formation names and changing the Defending AI’s pre-placed formations and obstacles are already billed for future updates.

There’s a few steps to how this editor works, so rather than garbled a summary here you should check out the full post so you can get an idea of what you’ll be able to do, and how to do it.

We’ve missed talking about Armored Brigade, so John’s hard at work on an update to his gameplay guide, so look out for that sometime next week!