As you read this I’m probably somewhere along the M4 taking one of my best friends to his bachelor party (I’m the best man, for some reason) so needs must this is a short one today, as I had to prepare it early.

Still, it’s been an ok week in wargames – quite a few patches came out recently for a few games, along with some other bits and bobs. Make sure you read up on our thoughts regarding Fantasy General 2, if you haven’t done so already.

PSA: I’m on holiday between the 10th – 17th September, so there won’t be a Wargamer Weekly next Friday (content will be going up, it just won’t be a WW). The weekly updates will resume Friday, September 20th.

Meanwhile, in the world of war games…

Single Malt Strategy Axis & Allies Interview

Our friends Jean and Matt from the SMS podcast recently spoke to Beamdog regarding their digital adaptation of classic board war game, Axis & Allies.1942 (2nd Edition). We’ve embedded it below so you can have a listen.

Listen to “Single Malt Strategy 43: Axis & Allies 1942 Online Interview” on Spreaker.

And if you want other places to download/listen:

Burden of Command Gameplay Snippet

This dropped late last week so we missed out on including it, but the Burden of Command chaps have posted up a gameplay snippet of their game. Still looks quite rough, but it gives you a general idea of what you might get up to.

Patch Round-Up

There have been a fair few patches this week to a number of war games, so here’s a quick round-up with links to the patch notes:

  • Rule the Waves 2 now updated to V1.08 – Notes
  • UBoat Patch B124 – Notes
  • Steel Division 2 Patch 1.7 – Notes

Last but not least, while it’s currently still in beta, Patch 1.36 is on its way for Armored Brigade, which will be increasing the stacking limit per square from 1 unit, to three units. Read all about it here

Hearts of Iron 4 Dev Diary

The second dev diary looking at the 1.8 ‘Husky’ update looks at the changes coming to occupation. The old system is being tossed aside in favour of a new ‘Resistance and Compliance’ system, which are seperate systems that interact with each other over time. It’s aimed at giving the player more options and choices with how they interact with occupied territories, whilst also trying to curb early game expansion and run-away expansion in general. It’s quite interesting and elegant, so we’d recommend giving the diary a read.

That’s all we got time for today – if there’s anything we missed feel free to leave a comment or drop us a line. Enjoy your weekends!