The General Staff digital war games software being developed by Dr. Ezra Sidran is something we’ve been following on and off through-out most of 2019. General Staff is more than just a ‘war game’, it’s a complete simulation platform that Dr. Sidran has been working on to recreate battles from all kinds of era.

We’ve only had development diaries and screenshots to subsist on until now, but a couple of days ago the good Doctor released a video featuring twelve glorious minutes of the program in action. Here’s the video:

The whole program is going to be extremely customizable, as evidenced by what we see in the video. Dr. Sidran goes through the Army, Map and Scenario editors in turn, showing off all of the options available as well as talking about the design intent behind each section. Sadly he doesn’t go as far as to show any actual gameplay, but I imagine we’re getting close.

It’s worth noting that he’s only showing off elements of the game from the ‘Black Powder’ version of General Staff. Dr. Sidran also plans to ship ‘Ancients’ and ‘Modern Warfare’ versions of the game, each with their own detailing for creating engagements in these era.

We can’t wait to see more!