It’s been a relatively quiet week again this week, although things have been ‘happening’. Some exciting news towards the start of the week between Lock’N Load Publishing rekindling their digital firepit and Panzer Corps 2 finally getting some news.

I’ve yet to find the time to play a wargame, physical or digital, in recent weeks which is a shame, but I’m confident the time will come. I’ve been playing a fair bit of Warframe, mind, just to unwind.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Armored Brigade

Apart from the Panzer Corps 2 dev diary drop earlier in the week, there’s only been one wargame-orientated news item this week, and it comes in the form of another dev diary. Now that the beta for the ‘what if/WW3’ operational wargame is well underway; the dev updates are starting to roll out.

This first one talks about the game’s dynamic AI, which has been designed to handle numerous scenarios and situations. Given the level of technology In the game, the concept of a ‘frontline’ is irrelevant – if you can see it, you can kill it.

In Armored Brigade, there’s an undefined number of maps, units, environmental conditions, and so on. The system must build a readable representation, process the input and then produce output that creates a credible impression of intelligence that behaves in a realistic, unpredictable and challenging manner. That’s quite a challenge indeed. A “chess AI”, where you have a finite number of possible states, is out of the question. 

Even if warfare of this era can be considered symmetric, the highly lethal long range weapon systems and the great variety of units in the game can make the battles very erratic. 

Panzer Strategy

One of the two prominent Panzer Corps challengers to emerge this year has announced a release date. Panzer Strategy, which uses a fully 3D game engine and visual style, will be releasing on September 1st – the day Germany invaded Poland in 1939 which marked the start of WW2 in Europe.

To celebrate the dev team have released a trailer for the game’s fourth scenario, the Invasion of France. We’ve yet to cover this game in-depth – we’ll definitely make sure a reviews ready for launch, but we might dive in before that to see where things stand.

X-Combat Actions: The Days of the Dead

Digitalgameworks are an indie wargaming studio that quietly make competent, albeit limited digital wargames on a range of topics of periods, like the 1879 Zulu War. Their latest release strays some-what off the beaten track, however…

Days of the Dead is the first in the new ‘X-Combat’ series and covers an old faithful – zombies. It’s a tactical, turn-based skirmish game, and boasts the following features:

  • Single player (CIA Side)
  • Variable and Quality, Terrain, Fire Support, and Morale
  • Scenario Based Missions with Campaign Mode
  • Random Command Activation
  • Full 3D graphics, Sound and Special Effects, and More…

What’s interesting though is that last point – the full 3D graphics. DGW’s visual prowess has been getting better and better as they release games. Their last release, ZuluDawn! Was quite pretty, held back only by the limited nature of the scenario it covered. Days of the Dead looks to be a step above that, however.

If they can apply this tech to more traditional wargaming theatres and scenarios, then I’d be interested in seeing how those games perform.

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

The developer behind Ultimate General: Civil War & UG: Gettysburg is working on a naval themed RTS focusing on the iconic WW1 warships.

All we have is what Grogheads user Destraex has managed to dig up and collate – there’s not an official website or anything as far as we’ve seen, although there are some threads on the official game-labs forums that I think were used as sources.

And finally…

There’s been a minor update for Clad in Irons: Philippines’ TBS mode:

Inspired by a player named Tempest, we updated the interface on the battle map in strategy mode. Now all slots for ships, infantry or buildings of one side have only one color. In addition, it is now easier to understand which harbor the player controls, and which ones are his computer opponent.

That’s all for this week – enjoy your weekends!