A few Wargamer Weekly’s ago, you may remember we highlighted to you a cool looking project called Military Operations (or MilOps). Less of a game and more of a simulation of operational-level WW2 warfare, MilOps looks to use it’s ‘Metis Engine’ to fully digitise the globe, and the units fighting on it. 

In advance of the full game, the developers are going to be released a ‘Benchmark’ program that will allow players to try out a reduced facsmile of the full game, with the main intent of testing your rig to see if you can handle their fully armed and operational military operation.

From the press release:

A never before seen combination of scale, detail and realism with battlefields of up to 30000 Km2 (12000 mi2) on a life-sized planet-earth featuring 50000 troops and 10000 units, all individually simulated in great detail.

The MilOps Benchmark is a fully interactive application that allows the user to roam anywhere on the planet. Inspect the battlefield from orbit, interact with units and troops or watch them in battle close-up.

The benchmark option performs a profile run to establish the system’s capability to run the upcoming Military Operations wargame.

We’re very intrigued by this project – I’ve always had a soft spot for technology-driven ‘big ideas’, and this is one of the biggest I’ve seen so far. We highly recommend you check out their dev diaries. The most recent one talks about the visualisation of the unit hierarchy, and there’s a cool video showing in-game footage of the user zooming closer and closer to ground-level, and how the game’s UI changes to reflect the chain of command.

All that remains to be seen is how the developers expand the project – even hardcore ‘sim’ type games like CMANO still have a game-element to them, something to keep the player’s engaged and make them WANT to interact with the simulation. Hopefully, my rig will actually be able to pass the benchmark’s test.

Military Operations: Benchmark, which has its own Steam page, will release on June 14th, 2018.